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Aerial Photography and Videography | Drone

At DTouchProduction, we have specialized Drone pilots who have more than 1000 hours of flying experience. We have worked with Companies from Film industry, advertising companies and a few personal projects. Our pilots can deliver the best output even in challenging situations. Read more...

1. Experienced Pilots

The first thing we consider when it comes to Drone is the pedestrian safety and privacy. Our pilots ensure not to break the laws. Our pilots have several hours of professional flying-filming experience under their belt. They have done a lot of challenging shots like Car chase scene, close up shots with the drones.

2. Equipment and Capacity

We have the best drones in the market in our production house. The DJI Inspire Pro and Phantom series of drones with 4K and RAW capability, which is the Hollywood standard. The major concern about drones is that it requires a lot of power and battery. We have a bulk of batteries which is enough to do a day long shooting with the drone.

3. No need to rent a Helicopter anymore

Drones are capable of creating different view/angle of images which we cannot see normally. In earlier days, because of the high rental cost of helicopters aerial footages were used only in high budget movies and advertisements. But the introduction of drones have brought down the production prices of aerial images. Hide

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We create photo and video solutions that are greater than anything you've ever seen. We start by going through planning phase, to a photo shooting sessions, then connecting it with post production, and ending it with a final cut touches. We always like to believe that we are the best.

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As a digital agency, our job is to take your ideas and make them greater through photo and video production.
Team We aim to bring you the most fresh, creative and innovate photos and videos that you have ever seen. We make easy ideas easier by capturing it in a photo and video blended with great new ideas from a young passionate team.
Our quality of work in photo production and video shooting is considered to be very attractive and reliable.

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